Genealogy Research

Genealogical research is a vital part of Polmanarkivet’s activities because it gives us a better understanding of the family history and the context in which they lived.


The genealogical research at Polmanarkivet contains all of the research notes and sources referencing the Polman, Påhlman, and von Pohlmann families, as well as our working hypotheses. This is a work in progress as research is never complete. The information presented here is referenced so that you can access the source material.

Note: To keep the genealogy research more manageable, we are only collecting information about deceased persons from the Polman family. We are starting with the oldest known progenitor and including all individuals who share a common male lineage, as well as those who married into the family. By focusing solely on this specific group, we avoid overwhelming ourselves with too much information.

On the other hand, the One-Name Study research is much broader in scope, encompassing all individuals with the Polman surname who have ever lived in any part of the world. However, for the in-depth research, we are concentrating on one particular family line within this larger group.

Research Index


This is the research arm of Polmanarkivet, where you can find all of the research notes, sources, and articles referencing the Polman, Påhlman, and von Pohlmann family. It also contains current thinking and working hypotheses based on information at the time.

Note: Research.Polmanarkivet is akin to a research notebook; it is a work-in-progress and not polished.

Family Trees

Family Tree

Part of the research at Polmanarkivet includes compiling complete family trees for the Polman, Påhlman, and von Pohlmann branches. We are currently in the process of reconstructing trees going back to the 16th century.

Note: You are strongly advised to contact us to check if there are any recent changes that haven’t been published yet.

Other research projects

One-Name Study
One-Name Study

Discover all occurrences of the surname Polman and its variants Pohlmann, Polman, Polemann, & Påhlman.

DNA Project
DNA Project

Participate in our DNA Project to unlock new insights about the connections between the Polman, Påhlman, and Pohlmann families.


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