Name Distribution

Research into the distribution and frequency of the surname Polman is in the early stages, but an overview is presented here. This early part of the distribution research relies on data from Forebears to provide a worldwide estimation. Forebears provides an approximate incidence of surnames from a database of 4,044,546,938 people (55.5% of living people in 2014) and covering 27,662,801 forenames and 27,206,821 surnames in 236 jurisdictions. You can read more about their datasets and methodology here.

Note: The distribution and frequency data for the one-name study are not complete and will be added over time.

Surname distribution & frequency worldwide


There are approximately 4,902 people with the surname Polman worldwide. Polman is mostly found in Europe, where 80% of the surname occurs. It occurs most frequently in the Netherlands with 3,601 people and where it also has the highest density, 1 in 4,690. See the following “heatmap” below:

In the Netherlands, Polman is most prevalent in: Gelderland, North Holland, and Overijssel.


There are approximately 248 Påhlmans worldwide, making it a very uncommon surname. Påhlman occurs more in Sweden than in any other country. This is not surprising given that the heraldic evidence points to the Swedish variant being recorded as Påhlman taken from the name Polman. More than 90% are found in Sweden, with 224 people or 1 in 43,959. See the following “heatmap” below:

In Sweden, Påhlman most frequently occurs in Stockholm County, Västra Götaland County, and Skåne County. It is also found in Norway, Denmark, and Finland.

(von) Pohlmann

There are approximately 18,680 people with the surname Pohlmann worldwide. The name is most prevalent in Germany, where 14,970 or 1 in 5,378 people bear this name. See the following “heatmap” below:

In Germany, Pohlmann is most prevalent in: North Rhine-Westphalia, Lower Saxony, and Schleswig-Holestein. There are also significant incidences of the name in Brazil and the United States.