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Explore the Skokloster portraits of an officer who could wield the paintbrush as readily as the sword in this interactive exhibition. Then get up close and personal and discover Jöran Polman’s portrait in detail.

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This exhibition is made possible by the generous contributions of Skoklosters slott and Wikimedia Commons.

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Thirty Years’ War

The Battle of Riga

The siege of Riga, 1621, photo via Armémuseum
The siege of Riga, 1621
© Armémuseum

The Dashing Major

Portrait of Jöran Polman

The Portraits at Skokloster

Herman Wrangel’s Officers

Portrait of Herman Wrangel
Herman Wrangel and his officers
CC BY Jens Mohr, Skoklosters slott / SHM

Be careful, however, that you do not become so concerned about their form and habit that you forget to know who the soldiers were. All were under the auspices of Gustavus the Great, the glorious glory of arms, with me as leader and witness, well deserved of King and Country.

Jöran Polman’s Portrait: Up Close

Portrait of Jörgen Pålman by Georg Günther Kraill von Bemeberg, 1623
CC BY Jens Mohr, Skoklosters slott / SHM

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