Welcome to Polmanarkivet

Welcome to Polmanarkivet and to its very first post!

Polmanarkivet is a research project related to the Polman, Påhlman, and von Pohlmann family who originated in Germany, Sweden, and Estonia. We started this digital archive and museum to further the research into this Swedish noble family and uncover their origins as far back as historical and genealogical records will allow. It is a work-in-progress and relies on the generous contributions of genealogists, scholars, and descendants who are researching this family line.

Our hope is to catalogue and disseminate the rich history of the Polman, Påhlman, and von Pohlmann family, and you can read more about the mission here.


Polmanarkivet (The Polman Archive) is the leading digital repository for the Polman family (ennobled Påhlman), with an extensive archive of digital collections, interactive exhibits, and research material. Here you will find letters, manuscripts, artefacts, maps, photographs & more. It is responsible for the collection and dissemination of items that might be of genealogical or historical value, particularly during the height of the Swedish Empire. It also houses the One-Name Study, which is registered with the Guild of One-Name Studies as a Category 1 study for the nominated surname, Polman and its variants.

Why the Polmans?

One may ask why focus on the Polmans? How were they so important? However, as they are part of my direct paternal lineage, it only made sense to delve into their history as far back as possible. While the Polmans may not have the same level of notoriety as their titled noble counterparts like the Sparre or Oxenstierna af Södermöre families, this actually makes their story all the more intriguing. Much of their history remains inaccessible — buried in archives and written in Swedish or German. Our goal is to bring this information to light and prove that their accomplishments were indeed significant in their time, but have been overlooked by history.

Help contribute!

We have relied on the many generous contributions from researchers and organisations worldwide — see a list of credits here.

We cannot hope to do this work alone. There are many ways you can contribute — by sending photographs or other artefacts, research materials, contributing to the One-Name Study, DNA Project, or even helping keep the lights on with web hosting costs.

If you have something to contribute, head this way.

Jake Peterson
Jake Peterson

Jake’s greatest dream is to reveal stories that have been buried in history. He does this through rigorous research and combing through archives to preserve precious stories for future generations. Jake has qualifications in narrative therapy and family studies, and is an author, family historian, and researcher. In 2022, he published his first book “Arcadia.” Follow Jake on Instagram @polmanarkivet.

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